Certificate course Practices of Sustainable Chemistry

Are you interested in the modules from the MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management, but don't want to complete the entire MBA straight away? Or are you looking for further education in the field of sustainable chemistry at MBA level? With our certificate programme Practices of Sustainable Chemistry, worth 20 credit points, you take a total of four modules from our MBA and complete your further education with a university certificate that proves the credit points you have earned and enables your achievements to be recognised at (other) universities.

If you are interested in completing the MBA Sustainable Chemistry Management after completing the certificate programme, you can have your achievements and paid fees credited.

Practices of Sustainable Chemistry (20 CP)

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Practices of Sustainable Chemistry (20 CP)

The certificate programme comprises a total of 4 modules with 5 credit points each. At the end, you complete the certificate with a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS).


Concepts of Sustainable Chemistry (5 CP)

In this introductory module, you are introduced to the link between the practice of chemistry in the socio-economy and sustainable development. You learn about current trends, how the terms “green” and “sustainable” relate to each other, and how they relate to sustainable development.

Resources, Recycling and Circular Economy (5 CP)

This module gives a unique overview of the availability and characteristics of mineral, biological and fossil resources that are the material basis for value creation and consumption in the socio-economy. In light of resource scarcity and climate change, strategies are presented to reduce material and product flows, implement recycling practices and transition from linear to circular value creation.

Regulations and International Conventions (5 CP)

This module introduces you to regulations and international conventions for chemicals management and product design relevant to the socio-economic practice of chemistry. Case studies of implementation in specific sectors are presented together with discussing the potential of regulatory framing as driver for change.

Tools for Sustainable Chemistry (5 CP)

In this module, you are presented with assessment and strategic tools for applied sustainability-oriented decision making in the chemical and related sectors. Content is geared to prepare you for practical exploration and implementation of the themes of the programme within your Master’s thesis and beyond.

Admission requirements

The certificate programme is directed towards all university graduates who

  • hold a first university degree (B.Sc. or M.Sc.)
  • have sophisticated English language skills (e.g. 92 points in the online TOEFL test or comparable score from other tests)

Dates and deadlines

The certificate starts in the summer semester of each year in March. Applications are possible until 10 December of each year.


The fees amount to 5,200 euros (subject to the formal amendment resolution) plus the current semester fee of approx. 210 euros per semester.

Completion options

You can choose whether you want to take exams as part of the certificate programme and thus obtain a university certificate and proof of credit points at the end. You can also take the certificate without taking exams and receive a certificate of participation at the end.


The online application will be activated here shortly.

Contact & Advising


Dr. Myriam Elschami
Universitätsallee 1, C13.224
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-2827

E-mail contact

Please feel free to contact our team via mba-schem@leuphana.de