Past Projects

Common Media Lab

The Common Media Lab (2013–2015) was exploring the notion of the common as the political (democratic) potential immanent in practices that yield new kinds of self-managed resources and infrastructural media spheres. more

Moving Image Lab

The Moving Image Lab (2012–2014) focused on innovative Internet-based moving image formats. It analyzed the changes underway in participation and organizational processes that are associated with interactive communication platforms of the new media and of new forms of moving image production. more

Hybrid Publishing Lab

In collaboration with publishers, librarians, software developers, and authors the Hybrid Publishing Lab (2012–2015) engaged with new concepts and technologies in digital publishing with a particular focus on the humanities. Central for the Lab’s projects was the idea of Open Access regarding academic knowledge, research, and education as well as a strong curiosity about new business models in a disruptive digital environment. more

Public Service Media 2.0 Lab

The Lab (2012–2015) created a place for experimentation and debate between producers and recipients and investigated in research and practice how the basic provision on the internet and can be further developed. more