Making Change

Making Change was a collaborative research project between the Centre for Digital Cultures and the Hivos Knowledge Programme (October 2013–September 2015) that questioned traditional understandings of social change in the Global South and aimed to build more adequate frameworks to address the idea of change in the context of common knowledge, networked media and information societies.

Knowledge Commons

In order to address the question of social change in emerging network societies, this project relied on traditional as well as experimental forms of collaborative, participatory and engaged knowledge generation to build a ‘Knowledge Commons’. The Knowledge Commons is a hybrid (online-offline) repository that intelligently aggregates and translates knowledge around related areas into different forms, formats and products, through human and technological, individual and collective interventions. Building on the conceptual frameworks developed during the Production Sprints, the Knowledge Commons are constructed through inclusive network participation, innovative curatorial practices, and prototypes of knowledge production geared towards learning, capacity building and training for the different actors involved in the change ecologies.