Groun­ded in fe­mi­nist theo­ry and learning from post-co­lo­ni­al theo­ry this re­se­arch pro­ject by Magdalena Freudenschuß de­ve­loped the con­cept of vul­nera­bi­li­ties with re­gard to di­gi­ta­li­zed so­cie­ties. The con­cept of vul­nera­bi­li­ties is lin­ked to a pre­vious re­se­arch pro­ject by Mag­da­le­na Freu­den­schuss on pre­ca­ri­ty/​pre­ca­riza­t­i­on. In this trans­di­sci­pli­na­ry strand of re­se­arch in­se­cu­ri­ty and vul­nera­bi­li­ty are con­side­red core mo­ments of so­ci­al chan­ge and its cri­ti­cal ana­ly­sis.