Significant Details

Conversations with Women in Science

Si­gni­fi­cant De­tails a se­ries of in­ter­views with wo­men in sci­ence. About their ca­re­er, their dai­ly work, their ex­pe­ri­en­ces with sci­ence.

All in­ter­views start from a spe­ci­fic ob­ject, a “si­gni­fi­cant de­tail” from the wo­men’s sci­en­ti­fic life. They can be sci­en­ti­fic ob­jects or so­me­thing com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent that is re­la­ted to sci­ence only by the wo­men’s ex­pe­ri­ence. From the­re, each con­ver­sa­ti­on ta­kes its in­di­vi­du­al cour­se.