CDC Book Series Digital Cultures

As digital Cultures produce profound impacts on society, business, industry and labour, politics, science, and individual life, and change very quickly, they don’t give much time for research in voluminous books. The aim of the CDC book series DIGITAL CULTURES is therefore to point out the influences of digital cultures in small books with quick, condensed and profound reactions from transdisciplinary research. Topics are till now: the politics of platforms, services, net neutrality and data security; social media and profiling the digital self; concepts form the humanities against global catastrophes; artistic and activist interventions; living with Non-Knowledge of Big Data.

The small books follow three formats: Conversations, discussing a specific problem; Essays, as short monographs; Collections with a small number of condensed chapters.

The book series appears both in print and in open access. It is thereby part of the current transformation of knowledge production, the economics of information and of distribution channels.

The series is published by meson press.

Editoral board: Andreas Bernard, Armin Beverungen, Irina Kaldrack, Martina Leeker, and Sascha Simons.