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The Center for Methods is exactly where you need to be if you need advice or assistance with methods associated with your studies. Under Lectures, you will find workshops, training courses and seminars related to various methods. Are you looking for literature or useful websites for your self-study? Then feel free to have a look at our Wiki. When you need personalised advice or assistance, visit our Consultation Service page to find out who the contact person for your question is. The contact and registration arrangements for counselling differ; for details, please refer to the web page. If you are not sure who your contact person is, please contact the Center for Methods' secretary office.


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Consultation Service

The Center for Methods offers a diverse range of consultation services for students who work with qualitative, quantitative or transdisciplinary methods. The contact person for each study field can be found here.



In 2016, the Center for Methods evaluated its consultation services by conducting a large survey among students. Since then, the survey has been repated every semester. How the Center for Methods was assessed by the students in the individual semesters can be found here



The Center for Methods offers a wide range of seminars, workshops and lectures for different topics and fields of study. Informations on our teaching events can be found here