Range of courses

The courses offered by the Methodology Centre are aimed at students of all degree programmes and training levels as well as doctoral students of Leuphana University. The events have different formats to meet the various needs. Students who would like to learn methods or deepen their methodological knowledge in addition to their method training in their own course of studies are recommended to attend the curricular seminars and courses which are offered regularly via the Methodology Center and focus on qualitative and quantitative as well as inter- and transdisciplinary methods.

The use of method-supporting software such as EvaSys, MAXQDA ³ R, Stata, SPSS, ArgGis, ENVI and ERDAS is also covered.


For students who need support with qualification work or research activities, the Methodology Center offers individual counselling. Here you will also find an overview of the individual methodological areas and the respective consultants.

Complementary Programme for cooperative research

The Methodology Centre has developed an accompanying program for student teaching research projects in the Master´s degree programmes, which supports students in methodological matters. more