Methods Toolbox

The toolbox is intended to support you in the selection and application of suitable methods and software for your research projects. Our toolbox provides information and materials for all steps of your research project, from form phrasing questions and hypotheses to collecting and evaluating data. You will also find information on the selection and application of suitable software packages.

Here you can find the way to our Methods Toolbox with one click. (German only)

We want to continuously develop and improve the toolbox. That is why we look forward to your feedback and tips. Feel free to use the toolbox's comment function or send feedback and suggestions to Prof. Dr. Christoph Wegener or Dr. Michael Dellwing.

In case you do not find what you are looking for in the toolbox, the staff offer advice on advanced methodological questions. You can find an overview of the advisory services here​​​​​​​.

Qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods?

An important question while planning and implementing research projects is whether qualitative, quantitative or both types of approaches should be used.

Within empirical research, i.e. all research projects that are based on a consideration of the real world and society, e.g. based on observations, measurements, experiments, surveys, or interviews, two different types of research approaches and methods are distinguished: qualitative and quantitative methods. While quantitative methods are used almost exclusively in the natural sciences, both qualitative and quantitative methods are widely used in the social, cultural and economic sciences. In interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research projects in particular, a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods is often used.