Td Training


Each year since 2012, Leuphana University Lüneburg has offered the Td Summer School – Transdisciplinary Research at the Science / Society Interface. Designed for both scientists and practitioners (such as companies, NGOs, and governments), the Td Summer School focuses on the work at the interface between scientific and non-scientific (societal) realms.

Leuphana offers a 5-day Intensive Training and a 2-3 day Special Training in transdisciplinary research. The Td Summer School prepares researchers and practitioners for joint research on societal challenges at the science | society interface. The courses provide both theoretical and methodological foundations, as well as experience in designing and implementing transdisciplinary research processes.

A special focus of the Td summer school is on broadening the participants’ disciplinary and interdisciplinary research towards a transdisciplinary approach, and on enabling practitioners to expand their role in contributing to transdisciplinary research. Bringing together scientists, practitioners and policy makers, the Td Summer School allows participants to experience multiple perspectives and a joint elaboration of roles, tasks and responsibilities in cooperative research and the transformation of societal challenges.


  • Understanding the emergence of transdisciplinary research in the context of societal changes
  • Getting familiar with different transdisciplinary research methodologies and process designs
  • Gaining skills in inter- and transdisciplinary research methods: mutual learning and knowledge integration methods, methods of boundary work, validation and assessments 
  • Exploring how to broaden the participants’ disciplinary and interdisciplinary research by adopting principles of transdisciplinary research
  • Identifying different functions of transdisciplinary processes and respective roles of involved parties
TD Summer School 2019

Td Summer School 2019, Kazbegi: We are heading east! The next Td Summer School will be held in the first week of July in Caucasia…more

Td Summer School 2018: 26 nations, one idea

Often, complex problems can only be solved hand in hand: Since 2012, Professor Dr. Ulli Vilsmaier has organised the Td Summer School with participants from all over the world. Participants from Bangladesh, Kenya and Georgia reported that the first week of September saw five days of cooperative research at the interface between science and practice being discussed again. more