Research Group for Entrepreneurial Organization (CEO)

From entrepreneurship to organized entrepreneurship

The Research Group for Entrepreneurial Organization (CEO) was founded by the Leuphana Research Group on Organization STudies (LOST). LOST is a nucleus of intellectual energy for research in organization studies and a place to develop new ideas and collaborations on how organization studies can contribute to entrepreneurship and innovation research within and beyond Leuphana.

The aim of the Research Group for Entrepreneurial Organization is to foster debates on and insights into issues such as entrepreneurship, management, and innovation from an organization studies perspective. We have built this community in collaboration with other universities in the Hanseatic region and beyond. LOST provides a world-leading environment where scholars work together on interdisciplinary topics and projects to benefit further research and society.

Who we are and what we do

The LOST Group shares an interest in the processual nature of organizations, the role of time in organizing, sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation, new forms of organizing, and the role of artifacts and materiality in organizing. We aim to develop new theoretical perspectives that allow us to rethink what an entrepreneurial organization is (or can be) and thus understand organizational phenomena that fall outside the scope of established organizational theories.

To achieve this goal, we are interested in philosophical debates (e.g., contrasting different onto-epistemological positions such as realism or constructivism), embrace methodological pluralism, and seek to leverage a diversity of perspectives by drawing on various neighboring disciplines from the broader social sciences and humanities.

Since we believe that contributorship matters more than formal membership, LOST is, first and foremost, a community of practice with a shared interest in organization studies, sustainability, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It is a series of events where people come together and contribute to the development of new ideas (e.g., inviting keynote speakers and discussing articles), learning new methods (e.g., methods workshops), assist each other in developing papers (e.g., paper development sessions), and give collegial peer feedback.

The Research Group for Entrepreneurial Organization (CEO) is part of the Research Center for Entrepreneurship