Academic Initiative in Management and Entrepreneurship

The Academic Initiative for Management & Entrepreneurship is run by the Faculty of Business and Economics; partnerships extend beyond the Faculty throughout Leuphana and across (northern) Germany and the world. Seventy-five professors from the Faculty of Business and Economics alone are part of the initiative, which covers a broad subject-specific and interdisciplinary spectrum of fundamental and innovative fields of work and research. The initiative combines methodology and content from the fields of business administration, engineering sciences, business information systems, industrial psychology and this is reflected in interdisciplinary teaching and research. More information

The Academic Initiative for Management & Entrepreneurship brings together relevant interdisciplinary questions under five key topics:

These key topics are developed and systematically explored on a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary basis, which complements the more traditional focus of the individual chairs. This approach harnesses the interdisciplinary strengths of the Faculty and of Leuphana, and involves and fosters national and international networks.

Institutes and Professors


  • Behavior and Governance
  • Digital Transformation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Technology and Innovation

Behavior and Governance

"Behavior and Governance" centres on the analysis of the rational and irrational behaviour and experience of individuals, groups and organisations in specific and interdisciplinary fields.

Digital Transformation

"Digital Transformation" focuses on the analysis, design and implications of digital transformation at a technical level – for organisations, sectors and a range of different stakeholders.


The focus of a broad understanding of "Entrepreneurship" is an exploration of the people and processes that create the new or bring changes, in particular to make a (responsible) contribution to solutions of economic and social relevance.

Technology and Innovation

"Technology and Innovation"develops innovative solutions, for example for resource consumption, increasing energy and resource productivity and sustainable product development, and translates these solutions into marketable innovations with the help of corresponding management processes and in compliance with economic requirements.