Cultures of Critique

At the core of the research focus is the interdisciplinary DFG Research Training Group "Cultures of Critique" coordinated by the Institute of Philosophy and Science of Art which was recently accepted by the DFG. Spokesperson of the Research Training Group is Prof. Dr. Beate Söntgen, Professor of Art History. In addition, a Lichtenberg Professorial Chair with relevant denomination has been applied for at the Volkswagen Foundation.

The research focus "Cultures of Critique" also connects to the existing projects in the context of the “Leuphana Kunstraum”. In cooperation with this institution, the arts project KIM – Projects with the Creative Industries and the media art project Post-Media Lab (running until 2015, established with the focus in Digital Media within the Innovation Incubator Lüneburg) is currently being realized under the direction of Prof. Dr. Ulf Wuggenig. Furthermore, in 2012 the “Leuphana Kunstraum” entered into a partnership with the newly established Leuphana Arts Program, which facilitates the recruitment of international artists in the field of Artistic Research for joint projects.