Binational Doctoral Degree

Cotutelle Procedure

The Cotutelle procedure allows doctoral students to receive a doctoral degree, which will be awarded jointly by two universities in two different countries. The degree is based on a single research project completed at the two universities involved. A binding agreement on the Cotutelle procedure creates the framework within the doctoral student can earn a binational doctoral degree.

The Cotutelle procedure is particularly interesting for doctoral candidates who

  • research a topic related to the other country,
  • like to work in a binational environment,
  • wish to build up links to the academic communities in both of the two countries involved,
  • have not yet decided in which country they want to work in the future.

You will find more detailed information on the Cotutelle procedure on our information sheet. We also provide a checklist on how to successfully participate in a binational doctoral program. The checklist includes all necessary steps and measures that need to be taken. Both documents can be downloaded as a PDF file at the bottom of this page.

If there are no further requirements on the part of the foreign university, please use our master agreement to carry out the Cotutelle procedure. Please find this agreement, along with the instructions to fill it out, at the bottom of this page.



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