Student Housing in Lüneburg

Students in Lüneburg live in student dormitories, located on campus and close to the campus as well as in the town centre, and in private rooms or apartments. Both in student dormitories and in private apartments, there are usually mixed-gender flat-sharing communities (WGs) sharing kitchen and bathroom, but each flatmate has a single room (shared rooms are unusual in Germany). Those who prefer to live alone, may prefer a single apartment.

Lüneburg’s housing market is pretty tight due to the city's popularity and its proximity to Hamburg. Thus, rental rates are rather high: Depending on location, size, and equipment, the price for a room in a shared apartment is between 300 and 450 Euros. Single apartments can be rented from 450 Euro, whereby the rental costs vary considerably depending on location, size and number of rooms.

Please keep in mind, that German Universities do not operate student dormitories and a letter of acceptance for studies at Leuphana does not include an accommodation offer. In fact, you should start looking for accommodation as soon as possible.

The Accommodation Service of the International Office will be glad to assist you.

Support in finding accommodation

The Accommodation Service supports international students in finding accommodation and connects students and accommodation providers.

Exchange students can ask for support when submitting the online application for their study abroad at Leuphana. 

International degree seeking students as well as visiting scholars send an e-mail to the Accommodation Service.

Please look for accommodation on your own even if you have asked for support. If you will stay in Lüneburg for more than a year, unfurnished accommodation can be an alternative and perhaps a cheaper option. Please inform us when you no longer require assistance.

Useful information for finding a room

  • In Germany, rooms and apartments to rent are often unfurnished. Read the room/flat ads carefully and keep in mind that even if the photos show furnished rooms, the room/apartment might be rented unfurnished.
  • The rental price may include heating or not. Costs for electricity and internet are usually to be paid additionally.
  • Contacts are to be made usually by phone or e-mail. Introduce yourself in writing or by phone and make an appointment to visit the apartment. If you are not in Germany, you may be able to get an impression of the room/apartment by using a video app.
  • Arrive on time at an agreed appointment and make sure that you can answer enquiries and e-mails quickly. After visiting a room/flat, decide quickly whether you want to live in it or not.
  • If you get an acceptance, you will usually receive a rental agreement soon. Check it carefully before you sign it. Transfer the deposit and/or the first rent for the room as agreed. Note: You should only transfer money to a bank in Germany.
  • Arrange an appointment for the handing over of keys/room. When moving in, it is advisable to document the condition of the room or apartment in a handover protocol or, above all, take pictures of any damage and inform the contract partner.
  • As with all online offers, fraud also occurs in housing offers. Contact the provider only if the offer seems to be serious. Never transfer money to an account outside Germany. If you are unsure whether an offer is serious or if you notice something conspicuous, feel free to contact the Accommodation Service.

Student dormitories

Most of the dormitories for students in Lüneburg are run by the Studentenwerk Ostniedersachsen. Furnished and unfurnished rooms are offered in a total of 6 dormitories on campus, close to the campus, and in the city centre. Information on the dormitories and the online application can be found here


Tanja Schaefer
Accommodation Service
International Office / C14.112