Students in Lüneburg live either in halls of residence, which are located on or close to the campus or in the city centre, or in private rooms or apartments. While only students live in the halls of residence, students also live together with working people in the private apartments. Both in the halls of residence and in private apartments, there are usually mixed-gender flat-sharing communities (WGs), in which the kitchen and bathroom are shared, but each flatmate has its own bedroom. Shared rooms are unusual in Germany, except for a short stay in a youth hostel. Students who prefer to live alone, opt for a single apartment.

Lüneburg’s housing market is tight due to the popularity of the city and its proximity to Hamburg. Therefore, rental rates are rather high. The prices for shared rooms vary depending on the location, size and number of flatmates. The majority of rooms cost between 300-450 Euro/month, there are only a few rooms available, which are less expensive. Single apartments are usually more expensive than shared rooms.  Single apartments can be rented from 450 Euro, whereby the rental costs vary considerably depending on location, size and number of rooms.  Rooms and apartments are usually offered unfurnished in Germany, so it is always advisable to ask whether furnished or unfurnished accommodation is offered.

Rental prices are indicated either as cold or warm rent (Kaltmiete/Warmmiete). “Kaltmiete” defines the basic rent with no additional costs included, whereas “Warmmiete” includes both the basic rent and additional costs such as water, gas, and sometimes internet and electricity. The additional costs are called “Nebenkosten”.

The better you know what type of accommodation you prefer or which is most suitable for you, the more targeted you can search for accommodation.

Admission to university studies or the approval for a study or research abroad at Leuphana University does not imply a reservation for accommodation. We therefore recommend that you take immediate care of finding a room or apartment in Lüneburg.

For a stay of less than one month we recommend to look for holiday accommodation, guesthouses/B&B/hotels (depending on the duration and how much money you have at your disposal). You will find a large number of accommodations of this kind on the website of the city of Lüneburg and on the relevant web portals.

If you plan to stay for several months, one semester or one year, you can make use of the Leuphana Accommodation Service to help you find accommodation. Of course you can also search for accommodation on your own; we have put together some information for you.

Leuphana Accommodation Service

Finding accommodation on your own