Finding accommodation

Have you been admitted at Leuphana University as international student or do you plan to come to Lüneburg for your research? In both cases, we are looking forward to welcoming you here!
Please note that, unlike in other countries, your admission does not include a student room or flat. Therefore, you should start searching for accommodation in Lüneburg as soon as possible. Leuphana University’s accommodation service offers you support in finding suitable accommodation.

How to find accommodation

If you stay in Lüneburg for less than a month, please use our guidelines for finding short-term accommodation on your own.
If you plan to stay for more than a month, please first read our information about housing options to get an overview of the housing situation in Lüneburg. Then you have two options: You can find accommodation on your own or/and apply for the support of Leuphana Accommodation Service. The following pages provide you with useful information and tips for both options.
Please keep in mind: The earlier you start looking for accommodation, the better are your chances of finding a suitable room that fits your wishes.

Information about housing options

Apply for support

Find accommodation on your own

Tanja Schaefer
Zimmervermittlung / Accommodation Service
International Office / C14.113a