Housing options

The better you know which kind of accommodation fits your wishes, the better you can search for such accommodation. On this page, you learn about the most common student accommodation types and how much money you will have to spend.

Which accommodation types can you find in Lüneburg?

“Studierendenwohnheime” (student dorms) are for students only, whereas in private flats students might live together with other people. In Germany, both student dorms and private flats are often organized as flat shares (so-called “Wohngemeinschaften” or “WGs” for short). In a WG, kitchen and bathroom(s) are for shared use, but every tenant has his*her bedroom– shared bedrooms are very rare in Germany. When you start looking at WGs, you will come across a big variety: Often men and women as well as German and international students live together. If you prefer living alone, you should search for a single apartment, whether it is in a student dorm or a private apartment.

What are the prices for housing in Lüneburg and what should you keep in mind?

Lüneburg’s housing market is tight due to the popularity of the city and its proximity to Hamburg. Therefore, rents are rather high. Costs for a room in a flat share vary according to location, size and number of flat mates. Most rooms cost about 300-370 EUR. Single apartments are normally more expensive –at least 450EUR–, especially if they are located in the city centre and have more than one room.
Most rooms and flats in Germany are rented unfurnished. If you find an offer on the internet which shows photos with furniture, it is important to ask the landlord*lady if the furniture is included. The rent is differentiated in “Kaltmiete” and “Warmmiete”. “Kaltmiete” literally translates to “cold rent” and is the basic rent for the apartment with no additional costs included, whereas “Warmmiete” (“warm rent”) includes both the basic rent and additional costs (water, gas, and sometimes internet and electricity). The additional costs are called “Nebenkosten”.