Cost of Living

The cost of living in Germany is about average for Europe. Living in our neighbouring countries to the west and in the Nordic countries is much more expensive. For your basic monthly needs, you should assume about €950. Ultimately, however, the cost of living in Germany depends on your individual lifestyle. Here you can find a more detailed list of the cost of living in Lüneburg:

    •    Rent: €300-450
    •    Food (if you eat at the dining hall): €200-250
    •    Health insurance: approx. €120
    •    Books, clothing, leisure activities, miscellaneous: €80-250


Contribution fee as part of the cost of living in Germany

For international students, contribution fee is an important aspect of the expected cost of living in Germany. In a global comparison, Germany is among the countries that make education easily accessible to society through low fees. Per semester, regular study programmes incur fees of approximately €321 (subject to change). You can find the exact breakdown here:

  • Student Union fee: €110
  • Student body contribution: €136 (Semester ticket: €117 incl. culture ticket, city bike, bike store as well as €19 contribution to the student self-administration)
  • Contribution to administrative costs: €75 (not applicable for exchange students)
  • Total: €321

The contribution fee already include a ticket for the regional public transport system as well as a culture ticket per validity period of a semester, which will have a positive effect on your cost of living in Lüneburg