• What does the International Summer University offer you?
  • How are the language courses organized?
  • How will I be accommodated in Lüneburg?
  • How do I get to my accommodation after my arrival?
  • How do I get from campus to the city center or vice versa?
  • What do I need to know about living in Lüneburg?

What does the International Summer University offer you?

The International Summer University at Leuphana offers an intensive language and culture programme. The language courses take place in the morning and consist of twenty-five hours of instruction per week, resulting in a total of 100 hours of instruction over the month long course. Various cultural events and leisure activities in the afternoons and evenings complete the course programme.

Daytrips at the weekends (e.g. to Lübeck or Hamburg) are optional and cost approx. 13-22 euros each.

Arrival is scheduled for the day before the start of the ISU. On the first day we welcome participants with a breakfast at the University canteen, followed by a campus tour and the placement test.

How are the language courses organized?

Courses are offered from beginner through to advanced levels. Participants will be placed in the appropriate course based on a placement test upon arrival. After finishing your course you will receive a certificate of participation that states the course level and the number of hours of instruction attended.
All International Summer University courses are eligible for the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), i.e. credits can be transferred to your transcript at your home university.

25 hours of weekly instrucction will be given in your group.

How will I be accommodated in Lüneburg?

We offer a limited number of single rooms for participants of the Summer University.

Upon request you can reserve a room for a fixed price of 320 euros. Rooms will be allocated on first come first serve basis. Please note that the reservation is not confirmed until payment is received. The rooms are located in student residences or private shared apartments that are usually co-ed. Rooms for visiting students are fully furnished and bedding is provided. Most rooms offer an internet connection. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms. All accommodation facilities are located in the local Lüneburg area and can be reached by local busses.

Of course, you can also organize your own accommodation.

How do I get to my accommodation after my arrival?

If desired, participants of the Summer University may be assigned a Buddy. Buddies are students from Leuphana University who serve as your contact person. They will pick you up at the airport in Hamburg or train station, take you to your room, and help you get settled. Please note that it is necessary to let us know about your date and time of arrival one month in advance in order to take part in the Buddy program.

How do I get from campus to the city center or vice versa?

Lüneburg is a small city and most destinations are within walking distance. There are also city busses connecting the urban areas of Lüneburg. If you are planning to take the bus regularly it might be worthwhile to buy a monthly bus pass. In the evening hours, after the busses stopp running (approx. 9 p.m.), it is usually safe to walk. But you may also use a shared cab (ASM) that will pick you up at a bus stop and bring you to your desired address. You must call 30-60 minutes in advance, but shared cabs are usually less expensive than regular cabs. When travelling in a group, however, a normal cab might be the cheaper option.

What do I need to know about living in Lüneburg?

Lüneburg is a student town of 73,000 inhabitants located in the northeastern part of Lower Saxony, only 50 km south of Hamburg. Especially during the summer, it boasts a lively historical city center with numerous Cafes and Pubs.

The city offers a variety of shops and grocery stores that usually open between 8 and 9 am and close between 6 and 8 pm. On Sundays, shops are closed except for a few bakeries.

For those who do not want to cook, the university canteen (Mensa) offers a variety of choices for approx. 3-5 euros.


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