Student exchange programmes

Leuphana University Lüneburg offers a range of student exchange programmes in many countries worldwide for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Exchange programmes with European partner universities usually take place in the scope of the Erasmus Programme.

Why exchange programmes?

Exchange programmes are based on bilateral cooperation agreements between Leuphana and the partner institutions with special provisions for the benefit of the exchange students:

  • no tuition fees at the host institution
  • easy application process
  • support and supervision by both the home and host institution
  • academic recognition

When and how are exchange places allocated?

The call for applications is announced every October for the subsequent academic year. Application deadline is beginning of December. A second call for applications is announced in February/March for exchange places not allocated during the first selection round. Please refer to the current call for exact dates and information.

Where do I get information?

Information on the partner institutions and specifics of the exchange programmes can be found in the student exchange programmes database

The International Office regularly offers information sessions with presentations on the different exchange programmes as well as funding of study abroad, academic recognition, etc. In addition, the information library provides reports of returnees.

Academic advice is provided by the faculty members who have been appointed as coordinators for an exchange programme.