Learning locations on campus

2022-02-01 MIZ Foyer and Reading Room, Central Building, ASTA and Building 14: There are many places to learn and work on Leuphana's campus.

No matter whether you want to work alone in peace and quiet or discuss and collaborate with others: In the MIZ foyer, the library reading room and other places on campus, you will find different zones for studying and working, which you are welcome to use at any time.

If you need your peace and quiet during exam times, you will find a large number of workstations, especially in the reading room, which allow for quiet study. In addition to the quiet and inspiring atmosphere, the proximity to the library collection is also a clear home advantage. Currently, there are over 100 workstations available here. You can check how many people are currently in the reading room on the MIZ homepage.

In the foyer of the MIZ, there are also 2 group workrooms that invite discussion and cooperative collaboration - including a virtual whiteboard and Smart View function.

But also in the central building it is possible to learn and work well in groups or alone - and since recently not only in a very pleasant atmosphere, but above all comfortably on inviting sofas, which can be found distributed in the foyer and forum, as well as architectural islands in the building.

Here you will find an up-to-date list of all the possibilities for learning and working on campus:

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