Open Access: Leuphana receives DFG funding


The German Research Foundation (DFG) will subsidise Leuphana's Open Access Publication Fund in the period 2023 - 2025. This funding is the result of a successful application by the MIZ:Library in the DFG funding programme "Open Access Publication Funding".

The DFG funds are provided for open access articles, regardless of whether they were the result of a DFG-funded research project. The DFG subsidises research articles with 700 EUR each. In addition, the difference up to 2,000 EUR (incl. tax) can be covered by library funds. This grant can be used for articles in so-called fully open access journals (= all articles are published open access). The funding requirements can be found on the MIZ website:

Open access publications are accessible worldwide free of charge via the Internet and thus achieve a wide reach. Free access to scientific publications enhances the global transfer of knowledge and consequently fosters dialogue, cooperation and new developments – both within the scientific community and beyond. In this context, the exclusivity of scientific information is being diminished as research findings are no longer held back behind paywalls, but are available to everyone. 

With the funding from the DFG, Leuphana's research results can be given greater resonance and be brought into new circles. At the same time, the DFG's funding approval means impetus: the MIZ:Library's Open Access Team sees itself as responsible for further developing the publication culture at Leuphana together with the university members in the sense of Open Science by reflecting on, modifying or completely rethinking publication-related infrastructures, processes and services.

Information on the funding programme can be found on the DFG website:

In addition to the publication fund, open access articles can be subsidised via publisher agreements. More information can be found on the MIZ website:

To support the heterogeneous publication landscape at Leuphana, library funds will continue to be made available to finance open access books (monographs, anthologies). More information can be found on the MIZ website:

If you have any questions about the funding programme or the topic open access, the Open Access Team will be pleased to support you: or 04131.677-1183.