Actionbound: Free licenses for lecturers and students at Leuphana


All students and lecturers at Leuphana University now have the opportunity to use the full version of Actionbound free of charge.

Actionbound is a media education tool that can be used to create digital scavenger hunts, quizzes or multimedia tours (so-called Bounds). Bounds can be individually designed with the Bound Creator and then played by learners on smartphones or tablets using the corresponding app. The tool is based on "mobile learning", "storytelling" and "gamification" approaches and can help to sustainably increase motivation and engagement with the learning content.

Further information on the range of functions and possible applications of Actionbound can be found on the Teaching Service Website.

A licensed account can be created free of charge via the AcademicCloud and then you can start using Actionbound straight away. Licensing is required, among other things, for use in a professional context and for the creation of Bounds that are not publicly accessible.

MIZ also offers workshops to familiarize users with the basic structure and individual elements of the tool. The dates are regularly published in the MIZ Workshop Program. If you have any questions about licensing and use, please contact