University Publications

Information on the publication of Bachelor's and Master's theses can be found under Degree Theses.

In general, the completion of the doctoral examination procedure is followed by the publication and dissemination of the dissertation and the associated deposit of obligatory copies to the library. How many copies you have to submit depends on the type of publication you have chosen and is regulated in the doctoral regulations. You will then receive a confirmation of receipt from us, which you can use to prove to your department that you have submitted the deposit copy.

Electronic Publication

In the case of an electronic publication, the library will receive an identical electronic version from you in PDF format on CD-ROM or on a USB flash drive and, in addition, 3 bound print editions. In addition, you must submit the completed and signed form "Form for the submission of electronic dissertations" to the library. In the case of a cumulative dissertation, the library also requires a confirmation from the review committee.

You can publish your electronic dissertation or habilitation thesis quickly and free of charge on the university publication server OPUS

Publisher's publication

In the case of a monographic dissertation published by a publishing house, please deliver 6 deposit copies to the library and provide proof of a minimum print run of 150 copies with a copy of the publishing agreement or, in the case of "Publication on Demand", a delivery guarantee from the publisher of four years via an ISBN number. For all commercially published dissertations, care must be taken at the time of printing to ensure that the so-called Hochschulschriftenvermerk is printed on the back of the title page (Cf.: Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Dissertation, 20XX). This refers to the year of the disputation, not the year of publication.

Another way to comply with the publication obligation is to hand in 20 printed deposit copies or 20 complete original versions of the framework paper including the articles and manuscripts.


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