As announced, the agreement between Leuphana University and the Microsoft Company concerning MS Campus is now in force and effect.

We are now allowed to install

  • Microsoft Windows and
  • Microsoft Office (Prof Plus) as well as
  • Office for Apple computers

on each and every staff computer.

Payment is made from central funds. This is a lease agreement with option to extend.
A staff computer is a computer that has a valid Leuphana University inventory number.

The following procedure must be followed if you want to obtain software:

  1. For computers, which have a person responsible for their installation – Please contact the relevant person.
  2. For computers under your own responsibility – please download from the following address:

There, you will find the software packages and the required codes.
To authenticate yourself for access, please use the Leuphana account and password, which you also use for VPN access or the university's central file server.

For more information on the Leuphana account and password, please visit the Leuphana Account page.

By accessing the pages, you accept the terms and conditions of use specified there.


You will find the rules regulating the purchase of private licenses on the Work at Home download page under “Work_at_Home License Terms and Conditions”.


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