Study spaces at the Library

The library offers a variety study spaces, both for individual and group study.  WiFi is available throughout the building


The library lobby is available for various forms of group work. There, you will find:

  • the group study space
  • one group work rooms, which can be booked during the week via myStudy for up to 3 hours per day
  • a lounge to have a rest
  • 2 computer pools with 28 Windows- and 4 Mac-workstations and a workstation for EvaSys


The reading room is the quiet study space for individual learning. Please be very quiet here. We also ask you not to bring in food or drinks (except water bottles). In the reading room, you will find literature from all fields of study and the following services:



Do you often work in the libary?
Find out more about lockers, book trolleys or individual study rooms.


In Building 14, there is a parent-child room available. Please contact us if you wish to take items, which are not available for loan, into that room.