admission procedure

If you meet the admissions requirements, the following applies:

  • Your documents are complete and fulfill the formal admissions requirements.
  • Uni-Assist forwards your documents to Leuphana University of Lüneburg (this alone is not an admission yet).
  • In the first main admissions process, Leuphana University of Lüneburg checks your documents according to content-related qualitative criteria.
  • The University will then inform you whether or not they can offer you a place to study.  
  • If there remain free places after completion of the main admissions process, there may be one or even more subsequent admissions processes. The University can also decide to allocate remaining study places by drawing lots shortly before lectures start.
  • If you are not admitted or if you do not accept the place offered to you, you must apply again the following year or term via Uni-Assist, provided that you are still interested in a study place.

For applicants for the first semester of the bachelor’s program the following applies: 

Applicants from countries outside the EU and the EEA

  • 5% of the study places are reserved for applicants from these countries with a university entrance qualification gained abroad. The admissions procedure is based exclusively on the average grade of the applicant’s school leaving certificate.

Applicants from EU and EEA countries

  • Applicants from these countries with a university entrance qualification gained abroad are taken into account within the main admissions quota.
The procedure of admission is as follows: 90% of the study places are allocated according to each applicant’s qualifications, whereas only 10% are allocated to applicants according to their wait time, i.e. the period of time between the school leaving examination and the application, measured in semesters.
  • The admissions criteria based on qualification are assigned two stages:

Stage 1: 

  • Average grade in school leaving certificate and
  • Extra-curricular activities

Applicants can improve their ranking in the admissions procedure by furnishing proof of extra-curricular activities (please see attachment of the application form). 

Stage 2:

  • Results of the assessment test
  • Results of the admissions interview 
  • Applicants applying for admission to an advanced semester are assigned only vacant study places on the basis of regulated ranking and drawing lots.
  • Your documents do not fulfill the formal admissions requirements.
  • Uni-Assist will inform you accordingly.
  • Your documents remain with Uni-Assist.
  • If you still wish to study at Leuphana University of Lüneburg, you must apply again via Uni-Asisst in the following year or term by submitting new documents, if required.

Saving your data and documents:

If you do not enroll at Leuphana University of Lüneburg, your documents will remain with Uni-Assist for only one year. After one year, your documents will be destroyed. In general, documents cannot be sent back to you. 

Your data will be stored in a database for a period of four years before being deleted. During this time, your data will be made available only to Uni-Assist and the university of your choice. 

Please note:

If you have any questions regarding the processing of your application at Uni-Assist, please contact Uni-Assist directly (contact details see below).

Helmholtzstr. 2- 9, 10587 Berlin
Fon +49.30.666 44 345