Taktgeber - Biorhythmus in Bewegung: Moving to the next planning stage!


The movement project "Taktgeber - Biorhythmus in Bewegung" is entering the next planning phase: We are currently working on new events and interventions for you in the summer semester. The aim is getting to know your personal biorhythm and its various facets, so that you can go through your everyday life in a healthy way during the Corona period.  

Taktgeber is a project for students: Within the next 3 years, we want to learn with you how to adapt our everyday life to our biorhythms in order to live healthier in the long run. All events are completely free of charge! 

Are you interested? Then take a look at our website or sign up for our notification service. Here you will be kept up to date about news and registrations.

By the way: Since this is a project of the university sports department, you will also be informed about news via the social media channels of the HSS.