Coronaregeln "Allgemeine SARS-CoV-2-Regeln"


  • Registration is required for participation in the offers. Your contact and participation data will be kept in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations and forwarded to the health authorities if necessary.
  • Participation in indoor offers as well as outdoor offers without minimum distance is reserved for fully vaccinated or recovered persons, who can show proof. Alternatively, a certified rapid test not older than 24 hours is also valid. For offers in Studio 21, there is the possibility to perform a self-brought rapid test under supervision before participation. Please come to Studio 21 in time and make yourself known at the entrance without entering the studio.
  • The participation in outdoor offers with minimum distance is reserved for healthy persons, unless they can show a Proof as listed under indoor offers.
  • Participation requires knowledge of and compliance with these Corana rules.

Before and after the event

  • Please use a mouth/nose covering (FFP2, medical mask or comparable) indoors.
  • Please keep a distance of 1.5m between each other and refrain from greeting rituals that jeopardise the minimum distance.
  • Please come to the event already in sportswear, so intervals are possible in our changing rooms.

During the event

  • Mouth-to-nose covering is NOT required during sports.
  • Mouth-to-nose covering must be worn during body-related services (FFP2, medical mask or equivalent).


  • Wash your hands thoroughly immediately prior to the sporting activity or use the on-site disinfectant.
  • Please observe the sneezing etiquette (cough and sneeze into a disposable handkerchief or the crook of your arm).
  • Contact surfaces/ equipment that you share will be cleaned after use with the disinfectant provided. Balls and other playground equipment that are constantly passed from participant to participant are excluded from this.


  • Participation capacities are adjusted. The ventilation system in Studio 21 runs continuously at full capacity.
  • Gymnastics rooms: Intermittent ventilation at the change of events and when the CO2-amplifier changes to yellow.
  • Fitness area: Continuous ventilation by tilting the windows and shock ventilation when the CO2 traffic light changes to yellow.
  • Sauna and rest area: Continuous ventilation by tilting the windows.
  • Campus hall: Continuous ventilation by tilting the windows and additional shock ventilation every 20 minutes by opening the emergency exit doors on the side (5-10 minutes).