Get up and go to bed when you want? Meal times are decided spontaneously and no one can dictate your daily schedule? What sounds tempting at first when studying is quite challenging for our body. With a flexible and spontaneous daily routine, we are constantly confusing our biorhythms. And during the digital semester, as well as in winter, it is increasingly being tested. The result is exhaustion, stress and a mix of over- and underload for psyche and body. "Taktgeber - Biorhythmus in Bewegung" is a project of the Hochschulsport Lüneburg and deals with the biorhythms of students. We want to talk to you and find out what challenges you face every day. At the same time we offer you support and possibilities to cope with the challenges and to bring your biorhythm in line with your daily study routine. It is important to us that everyone has and needs their own strategies. You decide what and how much is good for you. Unfortunately, we can only offer digital events this winter semester. These are packed with helpful tips and suggestions on how you and your biorhythm can get through the Corona pandemic.

Do you have any suggestions or wishes? Then feel free to write to us: (Mira and Leonie)

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