28th of May: Diversity-Day 2019

Action day at the Leuphana for non-discriminatory language

For the third time, the Leu­pha­na Uni­ver­sity of Lüne­burg participated on the Diversity Day, which is celebrated throughout Germany, and thus sends a signal for cosmopolitan, diverse, and respectful cooperation and against discrimination and intolerance.

Language is one of the most important means of expression in our society. It conveys values and norms and portrays our social reality. Language is flexible, adaptable, and creative, but also historically evolved. Power structures and social inequalities stick in the figure of speech, turns out to be verbal clichés and so to be routine.

A linguistic realisation and a use of language with reflexion are important steps on the way to sustainable changes, which is why we want to put an emphasis on "non-discriminatory language" on the annual Diversity Day.


  • All-day: Special updates on the website of the Leuphana during 28 May with information about the topic "non-discriminatory language"
  • 10 to 15h: Diversity Breaks in university courses with postcard campaigns »Dis­kri­mi­nie­rungs­freie Spra­che« (non-discriminatory language)
  • 10 to 14h: Communication space »Dive into the Other­ness«
  • 14 to 16h: »Da­mals wie heu­te? Wie tra­di­tio­nel­le Ge­schlech­ter­rol­len Menschen in Ver­hand­lun­gen be­ein­flus­sen« (Then as now? How traditional gender roles influence people in negotiations) - Salon dialogue with Dr. Jens Ma­zei und Dr. Ca­ro­lin Schus­ter
  • 16 to 18h: »Diskriminierungsfreie Sprache zwischen Wunsch & Wirklichkeit« (Non-discriminatory language between wish and reality) - Conversation with Anne Wi­zo­rek und Fatoş Ata­li-Timmer / Moderation: Prof. Dr. Christoph Brunner, Professorship for Cultural Theory, Leu­pha­na

You can see more information for the Diversity Day at the Leuphana here (currently only available in German).