English study programmes

Are you interested in studying in Germany in English? Then you have come to the right place. Leuphana University Lüneburg offers a wide range of excellent English study programmes at bachelor's and master's level as well as in CPD. If you would also like to gain or deepen international experience during your studies, our double degrees with partner universities around the world are also worth a closer look. You can find a detailed list of our English study programmes below.

English bachelor's study programmes

If you are looking for information about English bachelor’s level study programmes at Leuphana University, watch out for the term "Leuphana College". Leuphana College is an institution within the university that coordinates all bachelor's programmes. As unique as this designation is in Germany, so is the study concept itself. Study content and structure are based on the principle of liberal education, which provides for free and independent study to enable students to understand and solve problems in the everyday world through a holistic theoretical understanding.

The study model at Leuphana College is illustrated here. ©Leuphana
The Leuphana Bachelor consists of a major, minor, the Leuphana Semester and the Complementary Studies.

English master's study programmes

Master's programmes are offered at Leuphana University Graduate School. Its range of English study programmes in the subject areas culture, management and technology, sustainability, public affairs, and humanities and social sciences is complemented by the option of taking a doctoral track. Registering in the doctoral track while studying for the master's programme enables an early focus on the desired research topic and facilitates the seamless transition to a subsequent doctorate at Leuphana.

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Studying at Leuphana Graduate School.

English study programmes at Leuphana Professional School.

English study programmes at Leuphana Professional School. ©Leuphana
English study programmes at Leuphana Professional School.

If you would like to study part-time, Leuphana University Professional School is the right place for you. English study programmes leading to a master's degree are currently offered in the following five disciplines:

For details on the degree programmes, study requirements and application procedure, please visit the respective programme pages.

Don't have time to complete an entire study programme? Find individual certificate courses that fit your career field here.

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