Teaching Portfolio

A teaching portfolio serves different purposes and can look different depending on whether it is compiled as a development portfolio for structured reflection or for documenting one's own teaching. In English-speaking countries and increasingly also in Germany, the instrument of the teaching portfolio is used as a tool to demonstrate pedagogical aptitude in appointment and application procedures.

In principle, all teaching-related activities are presented in the teaching portfolio:

  •  Academic career with regard to teaching
  •  Teaching philosophy (attitude to teaching and learning, understanding of one's own role and teaching tasks, relation to the discipline and subject culture)
  •  Presentation of teaching practice (different types of courses, study programmes, Bachelor's or Master's level, supervision of theses and dissertations)
  •  Further development of one´s own teaching (e.g. further training, peer exchange)
  •  Feedback and evaluation (including how to deal with feedback on teaching)
  •  Commitment to teaching (committees, programme development, etc.)
  •  Self-selected perspectives for teaching (What am I planning? Where do I want to develop? What questions do I ask myself about teaching? What teaching projects am I planning?)
  •  Appendices (selected evaluation results, list of courses with a short description, teaching concept of a course, if applicable)

The "Teaching philosophy" section is probably the most central, as it is here that you as a teacher with your fundamental and individual convictions become visible.

The following reflection questions may be helpful:

  •  How do you see your role as a teacher?
  •  What is your position on the teaching culture of your subject?
  •  How do you link research and teaching in your teaching?
  •  How do you support students' learning/skills acquisition?
  •  Can you make a connection to current events (subject, society)?
  •  Are there learning objectives that are particularly important to you (e.g. related to a competence framework model)?
  •  What framework conditions do you create as far as possible?
  •  What is important for you in teaching and in contact with students?