Teaching Development

“The quality of teaching at German universities is not just the responsibility of the relevant lecturers, but also that of the institution.” These are the words used for the Genius Loci Award for Teaching Excellence, awarded by the Association for the Promotion of Science and the Humanities, for which our university was nominated in 2017 alongside RWTH Aachen and Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz.

Leuphana University meets this responsibility not just by building and strengthening its lecturers’ individual teaching competences at university level, but above all through a strategic focus on developing its curricula and programmes. To this end, it looks towards the five areas of interaction relevant to teaching design, which, taken together with the special programme structure at Leuphana, make up the current development process towards creating a didactic profile in teaching. A website containing an overview of all current teaching development projects at Leuphana is currently being developed.

Lecturers at our university receive support from the Teaching Service and from a university-wide teaching development network, which provide various funding, exchange and feedback offers to aid didactic and curricular development of degree programmes and courses. For example, the student dean and school heads can apply for financial aid from a Quality Pact Teaching Project fund to help with teaching development projects. Moreover, excellent teaching concepts are rewarded and publicised with the annual teaching award.