Further Education & Advice

Setting learning objectives, planning teaching, designing and carrying out suitable assessment, advising students. A lot of this might be new to you, especially when you have only just started teaching. But even if you have been a lecturer for many ears, it is worth reflecting on your experiences, questioning routines and setting new impulses for teaching. 

The Teaching Service further education offer provides opportunities and incentives for expanding your teaching competences, for impulses and inspiration, while at the same time acting as a safe space to swap ideas and discuss experiences and challenges with your colleagues.

The workshop offer is centred around Basic Training which conveys the systematic principles of teaching at university level. By contrast, Profile Training is aimed at more experienced lecturers who wish to reflect on their teaching and work on implementing specific teaching projects. You do not need to have attended Basic Training to take part in Profile Training, but it is assumed that you have basic knowledge of, and experience, teaching at university. On the other hand, Supplementary Training offers a broad portfolio of events enabling you to incorporate specific ideas into your teaching.

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