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Good teaching quality depends heavily on the didactic and methodological skills of the teachers. The continuing education program of the teaching service offers opportunities and stimulation for the development and expansion of these teaching-related competencies. It is an impulse and inspiration, but always also a protected space for collegial exchange and discourse about one's own teaching experiences and challenges.

On the Current Workshops webpage, you will find all current teaching qualification offerings as well as opportunities to register. Some workshops are part of a series, for which you can find more information on the web page Workshop Series.

The workshops of the teaching service can be attended individually or as part of the university didactic certificate program.

More Information about the structured programs one can find at Leuphana Teaching Plus and Teaching at the Start.

The Certificate Program in Higher Education Didactics and the
Compact Program Teaching at the Start

Dr. Grünberg-Bochard, Head of the Office of the President of Leuphana University, classifies the qualification in teaching and especially the two new structured programs - the compact program Teaching at the Start as well as the highly didactic blended learning certificate program - in their importance for the academic career development and introduces them.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMhXTQI9AR8&feature=emb_imp_woyt (in German, see also the transcript)

For further information, please visit the websites of the programs.


Please feel free to contact our central e-mail address lehrservice.zertifikat@leuphana.de with any questions regarding the University Didactic Certificate Program as well as other qualification events.

Specific questions regarding your registration or certain workshops can be sent to our support team at lehrservice.weiterbildung@leuphana.de as usual.

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