Workshop Series

The teaching service offers selected workshop series that encompass several events on relevant topics in teaching. These can be attended individually or in their entirety. To participate in one or more events, please press the registration button on each of the Current Workshops pages. We look forward to seeing you there!

Media production for teaching

The Media Production workshop series responds to the desire of many teachers to acquire or expand their know-how on the production of audiovisual media products in the context of their teaching. With a look behind the scenes, you will get to know processes of preparation and realization of audio and video productions from a different perspective. The focus of each session is an introduction to the practical production of various media formats - either on your own laptop, or directly with the audio and video production technology that the Leuphana AVM Service provides teachers with.

The podcast format, for example, can pursue various goals in the context of teaching: from diversifying the design of teaching materials to promoting creative engagement with complex topics through students' own productions. The participants of the workshop work with the freeware Audacity.

The Video as a medium allows processes or results to be explained in a lively way in order to make them visible and transparent. Thus, explanatory videos are becoming increasingly important in the educational context. Positive effects of video explanations (reception and production) can be seen for cognitive factors like knowledge increase as well as for non-cognitive factors like motivation and attention. In the two-part workshop, formats such as selfcast, screencast, slidecast, how-to, laying technique, stop motion, Khan style and digital animation will be introduced and discussed.

Interviews with experts are also a common means of reproducing scientific discussions or presenting innovative and topical content. The resulting video can be incorporated into teaching or learning contexts either in one piece or in parts. The resulting recordings are prepared for a digital audio-visual publication in the post-production workshop. Step by step, using the freeware version of DaVinci Resolve, participants virtually post-produce a video mix of moving image, photo, digital illustrations, music and typography on their laptops.

The series is conducted by Marianna Baranovska-Bölter (MIZ).