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Call for Proposals for the 2019 Teaching Award for Digital Teaching and Learning

Dear members of the Leuphana community,

The hallmark of a distinguished university resides in the emphasis it places on faculty excellence in research as well as in teaching. Since 2007, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg recognizes distinguished efforts in the classroom with its annual Teaching Award, honoring individual teaching excellence among its faculty and celebrating innovative contributions to Leuphana’s mission as a teaching university.    

Starting this year, the University will be deepening its commitment to teaching excellence by granting Teaching Awards in two categories. The Category I Award will, as in years past, be based on student nominations; the Category II Award focuses on a topic of contemporary importance in higher education. With the introduction of a second category, the University hopes to demonstrate its responsiveness to the experience of students as well as its concern with global themes in higher education.

This year’s Teaching Award for Digital Teaching and Learning draws attention to a burning social issue – digitalization – and will honor courses engaging the digital world and leveraging digital elements to support student learning in imaginative and innovative ways. By focusing on the topic of digital transformation, the University aims to highlight existing best practices, encourage cross-faculty discussion, and set benchmarks for future engagement with digital tools and learning environments on campus.
Up to three Awards each carrying a total cash prize of 1000€ will be given to courses recently offered at Leuphana. The presentation of this year’s Teaching Award will take place during Leuphana’s Teaching and Learning Day on November 6th, 2019.  

All faculty members active in the field of digital teaching and learning are encouraged to submit course concepts by the 28th of June, 2019 in consideration for this year’s Teaching Award.

Further information concerning the nomination process for this year’s Teaching Award for Digital Teaching and Learning can be found at the following:

For any further questions, please contact Dr. Judith Gurr in Leuphana’s Teaching Service (; 04131/677-2709).  


Prof. Dr. Markus Reihlen
(Vice President for Graduate School, Young Researchers and Entrepreneurship)