Cryptpad represent a low-threshold entry into web-based collaboration that does not require any prior knowledge.

Recently, Cryptpad has been introduced at Leuphana as a new pad solution. Cryptpad is expected to replace Etherpad by the end of the winter semester 2021/2022, as it offers more features. 

The Leuphana cryptpad is an easy-to-use text editor and allows an easy exchange of information and direct communication both simultaneously (synchronous) and time-shifted (asynchronous). If you use cryptpad together with your students at agreed times (e.g. at the time your course takes place), you can enter into direct exchange with each other. Wheras communication via messengers such as WhatsApp takes places only linearly, cryptpad allows you to structure it and organize it topic specific. Users are initially anonymous, but can create a personal account on Cryptpad and mark their contributions with a name abbreviation. A Leuphana account is not required to use Cryptpad. Regular sorting of the contents prevents possible confusion. You can share materials as a link through cryptpad, but you cannot upload them on the pad itself. Further, students can create their own pads for their group work. An cryptpad can also be very useful when planning courses: It is suitable for short, quick arrangements and coordination as well as for more complex tasks such as the joint development of a seminar or conference plan. At the end of the event, the pad can be left as documentation for further use.

A Cyptpad can be created publicly, have an expiration date, or be password protected. Please do not publish sensitive data on a public pad, as it can be accessed by anyone who knows the address.

The central functions of Etherpad are:

  • easy-to-use rich-text-editor
  • spreadsheets 
  • code or text documents with Markdown
  • Markdown slides 
  • Simple forms and appointment polls
  • Kanban boards
  • Whiteboard 
  • Crypt-Drive 

For advice and didactic support on possible uses and application functions of Etherpad, please contact Rosa Arnold, Digital Learning Specialist in the Leuphana Teaching Service.

Recommendation: Also use the open discussion forums for collegial exchange on Etherpad and other digital tools for teaching. In these discussion forums you can exchange ideas on a collegial level on topics, questions, experiences, etc. concerning the digital summer semester. If you click on the following link, you must first register with Moodle. Please use your myStudy username and password. You can access the forums here.