Media Production


The information, instructions and support offers listed below as well as the subpages "application scenarios", "video production" and "success factors" refer to offers for a regular semester operation. For the special situation resulting from Covid-19, you will find instructions on the page "Podcasts and Screencasts" on how you can easily create presentations (e.g. in PowerPoint), recordings of your screen and simple podcasts (audio recordings) on your own devices and load them into myStudy.

NEW: Leuphana video platform myVideo. With myVideo, a video platform is available on which teachers can make their audio and video files available to students regardless of their file size. Depending on their settings, students can view (stream) or download the videos provided there. In contrast to YouTube, videos can be made available via myVideo in a non-public space to which, for example, only people with a myStudy account have access. Further information and instructions for myVideo can be found here.


You would like to use educational videos in your teaching and would like to get a first glance at how you can integrate videos in your teaching, incl. the equipment required?

On this page, you will find initial information on how to get from you video idea to its realization. Those lecturers who are looking for a suitable video format can inform themselves through exemplary application scenarios on ideal teaching-learning settings and on how they can be designed in a goal-oriented and didactically meaningful way:

Put to Practice - Scenarios of Implementation

Success Factors for the Creation of Your Video


If you have any questions or support requirements regarding media production, please contact the Support Team Digital Teaching at: