Success Factors for the Creation of Your Video

Ten Steps to Realizing Video Projects in Teaching

In order to get from the first idea to the finished (operational) video production in teaching, various interlinked steps are necessary. These are briefly outlined below:

  1. First idea (teaching content, target group and objectives)
  2. Specification of the idea (conception for the teaching context)
  3. Creation of a storyboard (what, when, where, with what, with whom)
  4. Preparation of the shooting and compilation of the technical equipment (for possibly different locations)
  5. First test shots for adjusting exposure and sound as well as the video shoot with several runs if required
  6. Review of the material and selection of suitable scenes
  7. Video editing with several versions (long and short)
  8. Post production (if applicable, dubbing of scenes, credits, reference to author and title insertion)
  9. Publication in a suitable format (e.g. web or Moodle)
  10. Archiving the video (for later reuse)

Shedding light on these practical steps in advance raises many questions at first but allows you to save time and effort throughout subsequent process.

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