myPortfolio is Leuphana's e-portfolio platform which is based on the software Mahara. E-portfolios are web-based collective portfolios in which the learning progress and results can be recorded and reported. In contrast to a paper portfolio, videos, blogs and audio contributions can also be integrated. Portfolio work enables the presentation of learning, reflection and product processes (knowledge management, project presentations, internship supervision) and offers different forms of cooperation (group work, peer assessment, feedback).

Characteristics and advantages of e-portfolios and sample applications in teaching

Characteristics of e-portfolios and example applications in teaching

  • Students are enabled to reflect on their individual learning processes, developments and approaches. Based on this, they can systematically improve weaknesses, build on strengths and evaluate findings.
  • E-portfolios can be used as a learning and assessment method in individual courses as well as in the entire duration of studies.
  • Not only the does the final result of teaching and work processes become visible for teachers and students, but also the developments and learning progress of the students over a longer period of time.
  • E-portfolios allow a more self-learning or practice-oriented study. It is possible o remain in contact with the Leuphana teacher, to receive feedback from teachers and other students, and to give formative feedback regardless of the location.
  • E-portfolios can also be used for documentation of life-long learning and as a content link at the interface between studies and subsequent professional fields.
  • The use of e-portfolios promotes media competence and raises awareness of digital literacy issues.

Advantages and functions of myPortfolio

  • myPortfolio is integrated into the existing learning management system Moodle at Leuphana and thus offers the possibility to create diverse learning environments. While the Moodle learning platform is mostly designed by teachers, myPortfolio additionally offers the possibility to use the e-Portolio as a personal learning and working environment (PLE). Using the same Leuphana account for both systems already enables comfortable navigation between myPortfolio and Moodle courses.
  • myPortfolio allows the flexible compilation of documents and reflections into customised Portfolios for various purposes. The contents of the myPortfolio can be easily and flexibly added to, exchanged and used.
  • myPortfolio allows easy storage and management of the artefacts in the e-portfolio or the e-portfolio itself.
  • myPortfolio permits the e-portfolio to be made public to varying degrees for individual groups of participants, e.g. for learning groups, for individual teachers and/or for all interested students.
  • myPortfolio includes feedback and comment options, e.g. peer-to-peer or teacher-student.
  • In contrast to other systems, it is possible to "freeze" a portfolio in myPortfolio and thus prevent further editing. This creates the prerequisite for subjecting the e-portfolio to an assessment as proof of performance.

Instructions to MyPortfolio


With the new myPortoflio version, you have many new functionalities at your disposal:

  • the layout can be designed more flexibly
  • submissions (similar to the submission activity in Moodle) are enabled
  • Pages and collections can be shared with groups directly
  • Members can independently unsubscribe from groups

All innovations are described in greater detail in the following instructions.

1. neu.myportfolio – create You can find out how to create a digital portfolio on myPortfolio in a step-by-step guide at neu.myPortfolio - Create.

2. neu.myportfolio – share You can find out how to share views and collections with users and/or groups and submit portfolios on myPortfolio in a step-by-step guide at new.myPortfolio - Share.

3. neu.myportfolio – participate You can find out how to create and join groups on myPortfolio and how to use the forum in a step-by-step guide at new.myPortfolio - Participate.

4. neu.myportfolio – manage You can find out how to export or import pages and collections in myPortfolio in a step-by-step guide under new.myPortfolio - Manage.

MyPortfolio network of Leuphana

Are you searching for colleagues who use (e-)portfolios in their teaching? Become a member of the MyPortfolio network at Leuphana! The MyPortfolio network has been initiated by the teaching service in 2019 and currently has almost 30 members from all faculties and schools. In regular network meetings, the members exchange information and collect demands and wishes. We are interested in continuously adapting Mahara, the software on which MyPortfolio is based, to the needs of teachers and students.

Intrigued? Send an email to with the reference "MyPortfolio-Network". Feel free to include brief information about yourself and how you use or would like to use (e-)portfolios.

The archived system of MyPortfolio

The current myPortfolio productive system remains accessible via Moodle from the intranet.
If you have created a group portfolio on the current server, this cannot be transferred. In this case you will need to transition the content to a separate page or collection. A step-by-step description of how to create portfolios can be found in the tutorial myPortfolio - creating a view in myPortfolio.


For advice and didactic support on the possible uses and application contexts of myPortfolio, please contact