myStudy is the central digital platform for the organisation and support of face-to-face teaching at Leuphana University Lüneburg. myStudy offers information, communication and administration tools for the supervision of your courses and the organisation of your consultation hours.

The following functions are particularly worth mentioning:

  • Provision of the course catalogue
  • Provision of materials
  • Sending of course-related messages
  • Creation of course schedules
  • Connection to the Moodle learning platform
  • Connection to Zoom for the implementation of hybrid and online appointments
  • Connection to the system for student teaching evaluation (EvaSys)
  • Registration of students for courses
  • Newsletter

If you have questions, need support or would like to participate in a training session, please contact myStudy Support via Further contact details can be found after logging in to myStudy under 'Support' > 'Contacts and FAQ'.

The use of myStudy is mandatory for all teachers and students.


You can currently generate your own access to your myStudy account on the homepage under the navigation point "Create account". In the near future, the procedure will be changed and you will then be able to log in directly to myStudy with your Leuphana account. Until then, you will need a separate myStudy account. Its username and password are freely selectable.

If you already have a myStudy account as a student or staff member and are now also working as a lecturer, please do not create a new myStudy account! Instead, contact myStudy Support, who will assign the lecturer role to your existing account.

Please read the Terms of Use and confirm that you have read and accepted them. Pay particular attention to the provisions on personal data protection and copyright. In the second step, you enter your personal details. If a personal data record already exists for your name - for example, because courses were already recorded in your name before you started working at Leuphana - myStudy will inform you of this. In this case, please be sure to confirm the connection with your personal data record, otherwise myStudy will not be able to link your account with the courses already created for you!

When entering your e-mail address, we recommend that you use your Leuphana e-mail address. (You can access the e-mail account via the website: Please note that all contact details you provide are visible to all myStudy users.

The new user account must be activated. To do this, an email will be sent to the e-mail address you provided with instructions to do so. After you have activated your myStudy account, you can log in directly on the myStudy portal page with your username and password.


After you have logged in, the status bar (top right; on devices with a small screen, this may only be visible by clicking on your user icon) tells you which role and semester you are currently in in myStudy. You can also switch between the semesters available in myStudy and the roles assigned to you.

To switch to a different semester, click on the current semester entry and select the desired semester. As soon as the recording of courses for the upcoming semester has started, you can switch to the new semester to prepare your courses (course information, material, agenda).

If you have been assigned other roles in myStudy in addition to your role as a teacher (e.g. coordinator, student), you can switch between the roles. To do this, click with the mouse on the current role description and select the desired role from the options offered.  Different functionalities and editing rights are available to you in the respective roles. Contact myStudy Support if you need an additional role.

Log out

For security reasons, please always log out when you leave myStudy.