With myVideo (based on the Panopto software), Leuphana has recently launched a video platform on which teachers can make their audio and video files available to students, regardless of their file size. Depending on their settings, students can view or download the videos provided there. It is also possible to deactivate the "Download" function. In contrast to YouTube, myVideo can be used to make videos available in a non-public room to which, for example, only people with a myStudy account have access. There is also the option of allowing only individual persons access to videos. Of course, it is also possible to make video and audio files publicly accessible if required.

myVideo can be reached via the learning platform Moodle. If you have generated a Moodle course template via myStudy, a panopto block is automatically included in your Moodle course. If you already have an existing Moodle course, you can select PANOPTO// via //ADD BLOCK// ---> //NEW BLOCK: PANOPTO//.

Instructions on how to upload audio and video files to myVideo and make them available for your students to stream and/or download can be found here.

To learn how to log in to myVideo and adjust the settings on an uploaded video, see the following guide: MYVIDEO SETTINGS.

In order to give teachers at Leuphana the opportunity to provide videos for their students, we have decided to make the service available now while we expand the service portfolio.

Apart from the possibility to provide videos and audios on myVideo, the software also offers a very good recorder and editor to produce and edit your own video and audio recordings.

With myVideo you can have your screen recorded. How to perform this screencast recording with different operating systems can be found in the following instructions:

You can also edit the recording created in myVideo. How to edit the recording is described in the following instructions: MYVIDEO EDITOR

Do you have any questions about how to share videos via Moodle, the settings options or the editing options on myVideo?
Then please contact the Digital Teaching Support Team at: