Online Exams

Provision of the examination tasks in a Word/pdf file

If you want to provide:

  •  an Examination with extended processing time (6-24 hours) with provision of the examination tasks in a Word/pdf file 
  •  a written examination with immediate processing time according to the time specification in the subject-specific appendices with provision of the examination tasks in a Word/pdf file

you can use Moodle or myStudy (Reccomendations for the use of myStudy for the Submission of Exams (Online Exams)).

In the event that attendance exams cannot be taken during the digital summer semester, the new regulations for the framework examination regulations (RPO) have been in force since June 5, 2020, which regulate which alternative online formats are possible for taking exams. You will find the relevant annexes to the RPO in the Gazettes No. 62/20-67/20 of 5.6.2020.

The Teaching Service and Student Service have also put together a handout containing further information to assist teachers in the selection, development/testing, implementation and documentation of alternative examination formats (online exams):

Information on planning and conducting online exams can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding examination law or the organisation of examinations, please contact the Student Service. You can find the contact person responsible for your study programme in the Student Service using the following links: BACHELOR:, MASTER:

Software for online exams: EvaExam and Moodle

If you want to develop and conduct your online exam with exam software, we recommend EvaExam or Moodle. Especially if you have not yet worked with Moodle (in this case with the activities Tests or Quizzes) or with EvaExam (e.g. for scoring exams), you should have enough time and interest to familiarize yourself with the corresponding software in advance. The teaching service will be happy to support you. Just send us an email to:

Even if you must allow some time for preparation and testing for online exams with EvaExam or Moodle, this is worthwhile in the long run. On the one hand, it can be expected that options for online exams will be created in the future as well. On the other hand, both software solutions with the same functionalities can also be used in the future, e.g. to create exam sheets that are later automatically evaluated by scanning (EvaExam) or to carry out smaller quizzes and tests in the context of courses, e.g. for exam preparation with students (Moodle and EvaExam).

The following links will give you a first impression of online exams with Moodle or EvaExam:

More information and instructions are available on the Moodle and EvaExam subpages.

Access to the software: If you decide to take an online exam with Moodle or EvaExam, please contact the teaching service at, who will set up the appropriate access to the software for you.