With Leuphana's own non-commercial chat service Rocket.Chat, all members of the university can communicate with each other in real time and exchange texts, files and links. Communication can take place through open as well as private channels. Thus, both an internal exchange within a research group or project and the creation of a broader information platform is possible.

Especially for those interested in digital teaching and learning, the cooperation service invites you to join the Rocket.Chat channel #irgendwas_mit_Digitalisierung (meaning: something related to digitalization) and to pass on all information received through newsletters, social media channels, research work or personal contacts via this channel. This way you can interact with colleagues and students and maintain a network on topics and internal projects in teaching, research, transfer or administration. Below you can find all information about the activation and registration for the Rocket.Chat.

An introduction on how to set up your Rocket.Chat can be found here.

The Rocket.Chat App for mobile devices can be downloaded here.

After activating your Leuphana account for Rocket.Chat and your registration on chat.leuphana you can directly join existing groups or create new ones.

Rocket.Chat is platform independent and accessible via web browser as well as via apps and clients availabble for Windows, macOs, Linux and several mobile devices.

Further information on technical requirements and assistance with technical difficulties can be obtained from MIZ.

For advice and media-didactic support on the possible uses and application functions of Adobe Connect, please contact Rosa Arnold, Digital Learning Specialist at the Leuphana Teaching Service.

Recommendation: Visit the open Learning Labs for a collegial exchange on digital tools and their didactic applications. Information about the Learning Labs can be found here.