Are you looking for a way to structure, share knowledge similar to Wikipedia? Would your course benefit from the collaborative development of knowledge, together with your students?

Then the TeachingWiki of Leuphana might be of interest to you.

What possibilities do wikis open up in the university context?

In the university context, various scenarios have become established in the context of courses, such as the creation of course glossaries, the documentation of events by means of minutes or the joint creation of content collected in a wiki. Through this form of joint text production, in which authorship and responsibilities are given, it is made possible to support the otherwise isolated writing process. Furthermore, the wiki can be used as a tool that enables the infrastructure for joint writing processes, e-portfolios or students' project work. In this context, it can also be agreed on between lecturers and students that coordinating and editorial work is also included in the evaluation of work performance. Its usage can best succeed if the didactic and conceptual preparation and support of the wiki work is done by providing target-oriented tasks, hints for planning and organisation of the group processes as well as technical and organisational support of the writing process.

Below, you can find an exemplary list of possible scenarios for the use of wikis in teaching:

  • Introduction of lecturers and students
  • Creation of i.e. lexica, glossaries, FAQs
  • The practice of writing and publishing in a teaching-learning context
  • Documentation of workflows and processes within a research project
  • Coordination and Documentation of Meetings
  • Online brainstorming with large groups and research teams

The TeachingWiki is available to all teachers of Leuphana for use in teaching.

Further information and instructions for setting up a TeachingWiki can be found here. (currently only available in German)

Contact person for the technical equipment of a TeachingWiki is Heiko Reincke from MIZ.

Recommendation: Also use the open discussion forums for collegial exchange on LehrWiki and other digital tools for teaching. In these discussion forums you can exchange ideas on a collegial level on topics, questions, experiences, etc. concerning the digital summer semester. If you click on the following link, you must first register with Moodle. Please use your myStudy username and password. You can access the forums here.


Do you have any questions about the functionalities and didactic applications of the TeachingWiki?
If so, please contact the Support Team Digital Teaching at: digi-support@leuphana.de.