Adobe Connect


At present, the services Adobe Connect and Pexip (see below) are not supported because the systems are currently not working reliably due to excessive usage. Leuphana, therefore, provides a large number of licenses for Zoom. Alternatively, free video conferencing services such as Skype or Google Hangouts can also be used.

Adobe Connect offers a variety of options for universities to engage students and faculty members from around the world in a virtual roundtable discussion. Adobe Connect is the secure, privacy-compliant alternative to Skype and satifies all legal requirements a university has to adhere to. The tool is somewhat more sophisticated in its operation, but also has further possibilities for web-based seminars than regular free ware. Information on access and technical requirements can be found further down on this page. A manual on how to use Adobe Connect can be found here.

First impressions of the Adobe Connect web interface can be found here.

The following list provides an overview of the various fields of application for the web-based audio and video conferencing system Adobe Connect:

  • synchronous online sessions
  • meetings of and with experts
  • blended learning scenarios and
  • Online trainings

With your Leuphana Account, you can have your own virtual meeting room set up for you to use independently. Click here for instructions.

An alternative to Adobe Connect is Pexip which is also available at Leuphana. With Pexip you can conduct video chats / video conferences with up to 23 participants. The system is very user-friendly and resembles common video chat tools like Skype and Google Hangouts. A manual on how to use Pexip can be found here.

    Overview of the Software's Functions:

    • audio/video communication and chat. You communicate in real-time via your headset, webcam and text chat.
    • share documents. Upload your PowerPoint presentation, your PDF files or your multimedia content (e.g. image, audio or video files) to the online meeting room and share and discuss them with other participants.
    • share your screen. Show others all of your screen content, a section or a specific program on your computer.
    • working together. Collaborative tools such as the whiteboard allow content to be edited simultaneously - both in plenary sessions and in virtual working groups.
    • recording and file processing. Sessions e.g. in a "virtual classroom" can be recorded, edited and then published via link.
    • mobile meeting participation. Use your tablet or smartphone to participate in meetings on the move.
    • integration into Moodle. Meeting rooms and recordings can be integrated into Moodle courses and managed via the learning platform.
    • Access to Adobe Connect
    • Technical Requirements
    • Further Tips

    Access to Adobe Connect

    The Leuphana University of Lueneburg participates as an institution in the DFNInternet service. Therefore, employees can register with their Leuphana e-mail address free of charge at Adobe Connect and use the service. In order to so, please proceed as follows:

    First, send an e-mail with your contact details to

    First name, last name and your Leuphana email address must be provided.

    After successful registration you will receive an automatically generated e-mail with your access data. With these access data you can log in on the Adobe Connect access page. Now you can create specific meetings and invite participants.

    No registration is required for all the other meeting participants that are invited by you.

    Technical Requirements

    • Computer with Internet connection (Adobe Connect is also optimized for lower bandwidths. The system can also be used with DSL)
    • Updated web browser (most recent version) with Flash plugin
    • If required, a headset (microphone and headphones) for the meeting organizer and the participants
    • Webcam for video transmission
    • Free mobile apps are available for iOS and Android
    • A telephone conference can also be integrated into a meeting, allowing participants to participate with a telephone.
    • A maximum of 200 users can participate in a meeting at the same time

    Further Tips

    • For quick start guides on Adobe Connect, click here
    • If you have already set up a meeting room and you want participants to make their own contributions or have their video broadcast, you, as the host, have to grant participants the neccessary access rights to the audio/ microphone or video for the participants, as these options are not activated for them by default
    • audio/ Microphone: In the "Audio" menu, select the option "Microphone authorisation for participants". Here you will also find further options, e.g. single speaker mode and settings for audio conference
    • video: Select the webcam icon in the menu and activate the option "Activate webcam for participants"
    • You can find more information on usage and didactic usage scenarios as well as the opportunity to exchange experiences on the pages of the Adobe Connect User Group
    • Online help and video tutorials can be found here


    Further information on technical requirements and assistance with technical difficulties can be obtained from MIZ

    For advice and media-didactic support on the possible uses and application functions of Adobe Connect, please contact Rosa Arnold, Digital Learning Specialist of the Leuphana Teaching Service.