Digital Teaching

Leuphana pursues a complex and broad understanding of digital teaching and learning that goes beyond a classical understanding of e-learning. At Leuphana, digital teaching encompasses learning arrangements - e.g. the provision of learning architecture and environment -, learning materials and learning tasks, as well as processes of planning, administration and organisation of teaching and learning, the production and distribution of content, and the support and facilitation of communication, cooperation and collaboration.


At the present time, however, due to the corona crisis, the primary concern is to use the possibilities of digital teaching and learning to maintain the teaching operation. Up-to-date information on service and support offers for lecturers, in order to conduct courses or develop alternative formats for them using simple and familiar digital means, can be found on the pages of theLeuphana Teaching Service. Helpful information, instructions and examples on digital learning platforms, tools and the production of videos can already be found in the "Digital Platforms and Tools" section.

From the idea to implementation - offers of the Leuphan Teaching Service in the field of digital teaching and learning:

  •  Individual advice and tutorials for the use of digital tools, such as Moodle and myPortfolio
  •  Professional media-didactic and process-accompanying consultation on the use of digital media, tools and teaching-learning scenarios
  •  Promotion of teaching development projects in the field of digital teaching (support in the development, implementation of project ideas, applications)
  •  Information and expertise on digital teaching and learning
  •  Conception, organization and realization of workshops
  •  Networking  for the transfer of experience and knowledge in dialogue and exchange formats

You can find the entire portfolio of services under Digital Platforms and Tools.

For advice and media-didactic support on possible application scenarios in the field of digital teaching and learning, please contact Rosa Arnold, Digital Learning Specialist of the Leuphana Teaching Service.