Research Data Repository PubData is online!

2021-12-22 Leuphana data repository PubData was put into operation in December 2021

Just right before Christmas, the MIZ launched the Leuphana data repository PubData based on open source software DSpace.

From now on, by using PubData, scientific members of Leuphana as well as partners and persons contractually associated with Leuphana are able to submit and deposit data and related materials generated and used in research projects to the Leuphana data archive for backup, storage and long-term preservation assuming a period of usually ten years according to good scientific practice.

The submitted data will be technically, formally and legally checked and archived by MIZ using standardized procedures and adhering access protection according to the PubData Collection Policy Research Data and the Leuphana Archiving Directive for Research Data (Leuphana Archivierungsrichtlinie Forschungsdaten, see

Additionally, PubData enhances the publication of research data. Using Leuphana repository allows researchers to make their data available for reuse under regulated access conditions and terms of use. The published data are made citable by assigning a DOI and can be found via the PubData data catalogue. In addition, important information about the data (metadata) is transferred to other scientific search engines and catalog systems for the purpose of better visibility and discoverability.

The service is available at If you have any questions regarding the PubData usage and the transfer of data, please feel free to contact the PubData team at MIZ via