Intensive courses in March

2023-01-20 The Language Center offers intensive courses for English, French, Spanish, and Italian!

If you would like to use the last days of the semester to refresh or expand your language skills, you have the chance to register for one of our intensive courses now:

  • March 6 to 10, 9am to 2:30pm: English from B2 - Communications and Negotiations: Strategies and Practical Applications
  • March 6 to 10, 9am to 2pm: French B1 (Refresher course)
  • March 6 to 10, 9am to 2pm: Italian B1 (Refresher course)
  • March 6 to 17, 9am to 2pm: Spanish A2

All information can be found on myStudy under "zusätzliche Angebote (ohne CPs)" (Domain: "Sprachenzentrum", Module: "Intensivkurse").