Panel Discussion "Research>>Freedom"


29. Aug - 06. Oct

Quo vadis Academic Freedom? Panel Discussion "Research>>Freedom" as part of the Graduate Kick-off

Quo vadis academic freedom?

In view of heated discussions about disruptions and prevention of teaching at German universities, the exertion of politically motivated pressure on researchers or the refusal to consider certain scientific content for political or religious reasons, many scientific institutions in Germany have felt compelled in recent years to put the issue of academic freedom on their agenda. Examples of this are the Code of Academic Freedom of the University of Hamburg or the Campaign for Academic Freedom of the major scientific organisations. But the cases of fraud and abuse of power in science that have recently come to light also undermine confidence in the self-regulation of science and make actors in society doubt the claim of freedom of science. In addition, the question arises as to how free scientists are in the choice of their research subjects when more and more research projects are financed by third-party funding or where, for example, the limits of research in biotechnology lie.

The current (global) challenges for scientific freedom, but also (local) possible solutions will be the focus of the panel discussion "Research>>Freedom" on October, 4 2022 from 2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. in Lecture Hall 3 (HS 3). Leuphana researchers, scientists from partner organisations, doctoral students and representatives of civil society will come together to discuss the topic.

The event is part of the Graduate Kick-off for new master students and doctoral candidates of the Graduate School and is open to the public. Further information on the event and the panellists can be found here.